What is the Average Cost of Duct Repair in Broward County, FL?

At Jackrabbit Air Conditioning, we understand that when it comes to duct repair, you want the best quality services at the lowest prices. That's why we go above and beyond for our customers, treating them like family and their homes with respect. If you've noticed any signs of duct damage in your home or workplace, don't hesitate to call us at (95) 480-3025 to learn more about our duct replacement services in Sunrise, FL. Before any repairs can be done, a small inspection of the affected area is usually necessary.

This is included in the repair fee. The table below shows the average repair costs for different types of ducts, based on a typical 30 linear feet section. The total cost of replacing ducts depends on the size of the house, the location of the ducts, the number of ducts, the type of duct, and the insulation. If a rusted section is left untreated for too long and allowed to spread, it may need to be replaced, increasing costs. This can include new pieces of duct material such as aluminum and sealants such as duct putty and sealing tapes. Attic ducts may be hidden for aesthetic reasons if the attic is used regularly or if it has been renovated.

However, most attic ducts are usually exposed. If you find rodents in your attic ducts, you should call a pest control specialist to remove them and then ask an HVAC or duct specialist to repair the ducts. Fixing easily accessible ductwork in a mobile home often costs less than repairing ductwork in a small, hard-to-reach space. Keeping air ducts clean can prevent allergy attacks in people who are allergic to dust and dirt, as air ducts help to clean the air. There are several types of ducting available, from affordable flexible non-metallic ducting to high-end sheet-metal ducting. A professional will remove the vents and examine the inside of the ducts or use a duct camera to locate any obstructions.

This is because the duct system is usually smaller and can be accessed more easily, reducing the amount of time and labor needed to carry out repairs. That fee includes taking mice or rats out of the ducts with traps and installing a sealant or cover to prevent rodents from entering the ducts.Fiberglass duct panels are a popular alternative to sheet metal ducting because they are significantly cheaper to install. If your air conditioning system isn't working properly, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation appointment to replace or repair your air ducts. Duct insulation reduces energy bills by 10% to 40%, prevents condensation and makes air ducts last longer.

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